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Last Thursday, the Qatar Olympic Academy held the Olympic Values Workshop as part of a series of periodic workshops held by the Academy this year, in cooperation with the Women's Police College at the Police Academy - Ministry of Interior, which is considered the first area of cooperation between the two parties in the field of Olympic and sports education.

This workshop was held under the title "The Origins of the Olympic Games and their Stages of Development" with the participation of nearly seventy participants from various sectors and departments of the Ministry of Interior.

This workshop was presented by Khalid Al-Qahtani, Head of Media and Marketing and lecturer in the field of Olympic and sports culture, where he reviewed many topics in this workshop.

At the beginning of the workshop, he talked about the origin of the ancient Olympic Games, which began in the city of Olympia in 667 BC, the purpose of its establishment, the prizes offered to competitors and the penalties for cheaters.

It is worth noting that the old Olympic Games began as a one-step running competition (175 meters), and then the Olympic Games developed and a number of games and competitions were added to them over the years in that period.

The lecturer then moved on to talk about the modern Olympic movement that Baron Pierre de Coubertin revived in 1896, and the Olympic values that Coubertin established in the Olympic Games and emphasized, as he aimed not only at excellence in performance, but the advancement of ideas, educational values and human ethics, while emphasizing the importance of equality and respect for others, and these values extend to almost 3,000 years of Olympic history.

The lecturer moved on to talk about the Olympic Charter, the Olympic symbols, the Olympic anthem and the importance of these symbols in the Olympic system because of their great impact on athletes.

Al-Qahtani then talked about the emergence of the Winter Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games for the disabled, as well as the Youth Olympic Games, their importance, the goals of their establishment and the stages of their development from inception to the present time.

The lecturer then touched on the methods of financing the Olympic movement and its financial sources, which revolve around "subscriptions, sponsorship and television broadcasting rights" as well as the methods of disbursing these amounts.




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